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How can i create screenshots or deal with the local thin client clipboard for Citrix ICA sessions?

There is a Citrix tool called xcapture, the tool is located in the local client folder /services/ica/ICAClient/util.


To use this tool browse to System->Firmware Customization->Custom Application and create a new custom applicaton. For the new App go to Settings and enter as command /services/ica/ICAClient/util/xcapture, be case sensitive here! Now browse to system->registry->sessions->custom_application*number* and disable the setting "snotify". The last setting will prevent the mouse cursor to stay in the "waiting" mode.


If you want to use this with ICA Session your are done now, just apply the profile or the local setup settings and you can now execute the tool.


A documentation for xcapture can be found here:

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