IGEL Linux V4 Desktop (Default)


cloud-client.info LX V5 Desktop Experience Pack for IGEL Linux 4.x.x

Version: 1.0.0

Release Date: 22.10.2013

Created with: Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Clients (DATI) Version 1.07

Copyright 2013 cloud-client.info

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For use with IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.04.110 or higher only!

Tested with IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS Firmware 4.12.100 / 4.12.150


General Informations - Terms of use

The use in public presentations, for comparing the IGEL products with other solutions or a public release in any other form is not permitted without the written permission by the author.

Universal Desktop and Universal Management Suite is a registered Trademark of IGEL Technology.

IGEL Technology and cloud-client.info will not support this partial update in any kind.

cloud-client.info is not responsible for any damage or loss, caused by using this partial update sample. You are using this partial update on your own risk!

This custom partition sample is for technical demonstrations and tests only.

This partial Update contains one package:

lxdeskexp: IGEL Linux V5 Desktop Experience Pack for IGEL Linux V4

The pack contains also the UMSProfiles.zip, import this file into the IGEL Universal Management Suite to get the required configuration. After
the import change the download path's under System->Firmware Customization->Custom Partition->Download to your download site/server.

Reboot the device to activate the IGEL Linux V5 grapics.

Please note: The Theme must set to MurrinaFancyCandy (Default), to setup the Blue IGEL V5 Background picture select in the IGEL Setup the setting User Interface->Desktop->Background->Wallpaper to IGEL Blue.


IGEL Linux V4 with V5 Desktop Experience Pack

You can modify this pack and recreate it by using the cloud-client.info Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Clients 1.07 or higher. Extract the .tar.bz2 folder and point ILISE (Script Engine) to the folder and select "Load Shell Script", now you can modify/replace the graphics->click save shell script and then create the pack again.

Known Issues

During boot time the old background will be displayed, also the boot screen will be the IGEL Linux V4 default.

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1.0.0 Initial Release

Important: Please reboot the IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS Thin Client after the package is deployed!


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© 2013 cloud-client.info