If you want to deploy one or more IGEL OS Extensions you should be aware about a few important things.


Partition Configuration

First of all, all our extensions have a default configuration for the custom Partition that fit's for the deployed file size. This means: If you want to deploy more then one package to a Thin Client you have to modify the "default" profiles.

As example: You want to deploy two packages and both packages are coming with a Custom Partion size of 15 MB and this is also the included configuration in the two sample profiles. This means: the total required Custom Partition Size is 30MB.

Open the first profile and modify the settings like shown in the picture below:


Now open the second profile and disable the Custom Partition configuration for this profile, means click on the blue triangle that belongs to Enable Partition. Attention: Do not keep the setting enabled and "disable" the custom partition!

Make also sure that the client provide enough free space on the inbuild flash memory-in general a Thin Client with a 1GB internal flash memory has around 250MB of free space. Do not configure more then this and test it in advance, for example future IGEL firmware releases can or better "will" decrease the free available space.


Deployment thru Microsoft IIS

If you want to deploy a package thru Microsoft IIS Webservices make sure that you have configured the .inf and also the .bz2 file extension as MIME Type. Otherwise the IIS will not offer these files and you will receive a "Wrong package format" on the client during the deployment, .bz2 is not a default MIMI Type in the IIS configuration.

See pictures below how this can be configured (sorry, screenshot are from a german IIS):

IIS Site

Open the site configuration in the IIS Administration console and click on MINE Type.

After this is done, add the .inf and .bz2 extension like shown in the next screenshot if they are not already configured as MIMI Type.

IIS Mime

After this is done the IIS will allow the deployment of the custom partition packages.

Note: Custom Partition packages created by IGEL Technology will often use a .tbz extension for the binary data file, .tbz files are similar to the linux .tar.bz2 files but if you want to deploy a .tbz package thru the IIS you have also to add .tbz as IIS Mime type!


Deployment thru IGEL Universal Management Suite

You can also use the IGEL Universal Management Suite for the deployment, before this can be done you need to configure a "file source" in the UMS Administrator tool, see picture below:


Please don't forget to click the Apply button! The published name is the folder name for the final URL, also remember the UMS internal Webserver is using Port 9080 by default.

In our sample the result for the deployment URL will be http://myumsserver:9080/custom/filezilla.inf

So the profile for the package deployment needs to be modified like shown below:



Do also not forget: You need to add your UMS Administrator credentials for the download, the UMS Webserver do not allow anounymous access by default! After this is done you can assign the profile.

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