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  1. I have issues with maximized ICA Session Windows and the IGEL Linux if using multiple displays.

    Try the following registry setting: System->Registry->ica.wfclient.twiavoidfullscreenwhenmaximized


  2. How can i create screenshots or deal with the local thin client clipboard for Citrix ICA sessions?

    There is a Citrix tool called xcapture, the tool is located in the local client folder /services/ica/ICAClient/util.


    To use this tool browse to System->Firmware Customization->Custom Application and create a new custom applicaton. For the new App go to Settings and enter as command /services/ica/ICAClient/util/xcapture, be case sensitive here! Now browse to system->registry->sessions->custom_application*number* and disable the setting "snotify". The last setting will prevent the mouse cursor to stay in the "waiting" mode.


    If you want to use this with ICA Session your are done now, just apply the profile or the local setup settings and you can now execute the tool.


    A documentation for xcapture can be found here:

  3. How can i fix session drops related to timeouts for a RDP/RDS sessions?

    If you connect your IGEL Linux based Thin Clients thru a bad WAN connection it may happen that the session drops for the user.


    Before you try any other optimizations try to disable the timeout for the RDS session by enabling the setting System->Registry->rdp->winconnect->disable-timeout


    If this is not working try the RDP legacy mode or disabling IPV6, just search in this FAQ to find the related articles.


    You can also try to reduce the communicationd data between the client and your infrastructure by:

    1) Reducing the resolution/color depth

    2) Disabling all not required features like printer/drive/serial port/clipboard/smart card/Audio mappings (as alternative you can enable the Audio compression or reduce the Audio quality for RDS too.


    Attention: If you enable the RDP legacy mode and the WAN connection is really worse you can expierence a freezing mouse or that some mouse / text inputs are very slow or not working in the session.

  4. How can i fix an UMS Console SSL Handshake error if connecting to the Universal Management Suite Server?

    If you try to login in to the Universal Management Server by using the UMS Console and you receive a SSL Handshake error this mostly means: An other service is running at the UMS Console connection port (default: 8443).


    Background: Port 8443 is used by the Apache TomCat Webserver that comes with the IGEL Universal Management Suite, also a bunch of other solutions are using the Apache TomCat Server (VMWare, Citrix Licensing, some Anti Virus solutions, Software deployment solutions and much more). The Port can't be used with two Applications at the same time and this is the issue.


    To fix this you have 3 Options:


    1) Install the UMS Server on an other Server where no other Service is using Port 8443

    2) Disable the non IGEL service/daemon that occupies Port 8443

    3) Open the IGEL Universal Management Suite Administrator (not Console!!!), in the top bar select the Ports Tab. Here you can modify the GUI-Serverport setting from 8443 to any other FREE port. Now click on apply and close the UMS Administrator. Restart the IGEL UMS service/daemon or the complete server and try to reconnect again thru the console by using the new configured port. It should work now...


    In general it's not recommended to run two different Apache TomCat instances at the same time on a Server!

  5. What type of SSL certificate format should i use with the IGEL Linux?

    The certificate format must be Base64/PEM encoded, other certificates will mostly not work (depending on the use case).

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