This commandline tool provide you the ability to determine the connected Client IP or Hostname.

The Client will also set a Registry Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment\ICAClient (String).

If the Hostname or MAC-ID can't be determined, the XenDesktop Helper will automaticly use/show the Client IP. XDHelper uses
two ways to detect the clientname, one is similar to the nslookup command.


-h: Display the help
-i: Display the Client IP
-n: Display the Client Hostname
-m: Display the Client MAC-ID
-u: Check for a available xdhelper update
-fi *IP*: Force logoff if Client IP is not the given IP/Parameter
-fn *Hostname*: Force logoff if Client Hostname is not the given Hostname/Parameter
-fm *MAC-ID*: Force logoff if Client MAC-ID is not the given MAC-ID/Parameter (Use MAC-ID Format: AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF)

Sample xdhelper -fn will force a logoff if the user is not connected with a client that comes
with the hostname "".

Important, check what type of hostname will be used in your environment in advance and before using the -fn Option;
mostly it should be the FQDN but it will depend on your DNS Setup. All inputs are case sensitve!

Known Issue:

This tool will not work if the IP is masked by a Router, Citrix Netscaler or similar.
The Client MAC-ID can not be detected if the Client is VM or if the Client Network Card is in a team/part of a virtualization network.

Tested with: XenDesktop 5.x and VDI in a Box 5.x

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XenDesktop Helper is freeware, is not responsible for any damage or providing support for the usage of
this tool: Use on your own risk! It's not allowed to distribute this software in any way without the written permission from

- Version 1.01
Added the -h Option to the shown help information
Added ability to detect the MAC-ID of the connected client
If no Option is given the help will be displayed by default
- Version 1.00
First release


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