The IGEL UMS Health Agent allows you to monitor exisisting IGEL UMS Servers from your Desktop.

The tools checks the three major UMS service ports (Thin Client Agent, UMS Webserver and the UMS Console port) and if one or more services are not responding it can send out an email to inform you that the Server require service. Also it can directly open a remote connection to the UMS Server if needed. The UMS Health Agent will also determine if the UMS services response is valid but it will not check that configurations for Thin Client are valid or the database integrity.

The email information can be send thru an own smnp server or you can use a account free of charge (the free service will be disabled if used for unauthorized mails).

RDP and VNC ports will be checked if enabled with a simple open port command, no protocol detection. Also a not available RDP or VNC service at the UMS Server will never cause an alert message! The option to check theses services is only for your information.

To use Wake On LAN you have to collect the server data one time, press the right button close by the server ip address.

Tested with: IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.01.100 and various UMS Versions 3.x.x.

Please Note: This tool is freeware, the author is not responsible for any damage related to the use of this tool in any way. The VNC Client is not included and needs to be downloaded and installed, i've tested Tight VNC. To connect via Telnet you need to install the Telnet Client in the Windows features setup.

- Version 1.0 Beta2  First public release, manual and some functions still missing.


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